Our products

Our high-performance kiosks and screens guarantee unrivalled performance and durability, for your reception areas, public spaces, territories, points of sale and shopping centers.

While 90% of our competitors don't worry about quality, offering low-cost Chinese imports (which you'll find on Alibaba), at Social Box we strive to design and integrate top-of-the-range equipment made in France or made in Europe to guarantee quality, design and after-sales service.

In order not to be left out of the price race, we also offer a range of made-in-China imports that meet our exacting standards, so that we can offer you products with real value for money.

Specializing in outdoor and extreme environments, we have forged our know-how and performance in the heart of the Alps (Briançon - 05 / 1300m alt) to meet the demanding conditions of high-altitude extremes.